High-volume trapping is more art than science.

Every sounder will consist of various age groups, juvenile to adult ratios, population sizes and education levels. Therefore, the key to efficient trapping using IWPC™ standards is to incorporate a process whereas the individual sounder dictates the time period between steps. This information is based on photo and video observations (intel) from the bait site.

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Condition pigs
to trust the corral enclosure
as a daily food source.

Only then may we begin step two of the Capture Success Matrix™ by erecting our M.I.N.E.™ Trapping System to begin conditioning pigs to trust the corral as a daily food source. Gates should be a minimum of eight feet wide with no visible thresholds to step over. Round traps provide the largest trap area for materials used and there are no corners for the animals to pile up and jump out. The most efficient trapping design in our research was a 35’ diameter corral trap using six 18-60™ trap panels and an eight feet wide M.I.N.E.™ Gate.

Condition pigs to trust the bait site as a
daily food source.


We accomplish step one by strategically erecting an automatic feeder with digital timer every 250-300 acres apart on the property. Each bait site is fitted with an I.C.E.™ Camera on a T-Post mount to perform cellular reconnaissance and gather intel. This ensures we are targeting multiple home ranges and helps us quickly identify the number of sounders on the property by analyzing real time photos sent from the I.C.E. Cameras to our cell phones, iPad or computer. Step one has been accomplished when pigs have fed multiple nights in a row and are now conditioned to trust the individual bait sites as a daily food source.

The three important steps to the Capture Success Matrix™

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the optimum trigger device
for 100% capture of the entire sounder.

The final step is to utilize the optimum trigger device for 100% capture of the entire sounder. The IWPC™ standard is to immediately capitalize on this mistake the first time it happens as we may not receive a second chance. A wireless cellular camera sends intel photos to a cell phone, e-mail or both when the PIR motion sensor detects movement. Cameras are positioned opposite the trap gate to properly view pigs still outside the enclosure. Remote control technology allow users to send text messages back to the camera to trigger the M.I.N.E.™ Gate closed from their home or office. This equipment saves fuel, time and labor allowing 24 hour surveillance without wasting daily travel time and expenses to multiple bait sites. A human makes an educated decision to close the gate when the entire sounder is counted inside the enclosure via texted photo while the user is offsite in another location. This approach demonstrates whole sounder removal in less than six days at most bait sites. We keep the trap in the same location only if there was another sounder at the feeder before erecting the trap enclosure.